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About HI-RUN ATV Tires

Hi-Run ATV tires are designed to be the lower-cost option to Carlisle ATV tires. With great quality at a more affordable price, this brand provides comparable performance to the Carlisle tires you’re familiar with.

Hi-Run believes in staying on top of trends. For example, Hi-Run produced four new tread patterns with 10+ sizes per pattern in approximately 5 months. This brand primarily manufactures OE sizes with a few harder-to-find sizes thrown into the mix.

Hi-Run ATV tires provide versatility for a mix of terrains and applications. The Hi-Run pattern enhances performance in almost any riding condition. 

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Hi-Run SU17 Tires
Got to tell you. This is my second pair of Hi-Run SU17 18-9.50-8 Front/Rear 2 Ply ATV – UTV Tires. I put them on my Cub Cadet RTZ50 mower and man they kick butt. I live in the mountains and while I loved my zero turn, I got so sick of those worthless tires with no grip that had to be created only for golf course lawns. I have hills. With these Hi-Runs, my zero turn goes everywhere I want it to go. YOU WOULD BE AMAZED! So, again. My second pair. First pair lasted at least 5 years. Only thing that finally wore them down was all the rocks and me turning around on the paved road. Go my second pair on this weekend and I’m back at it! Thanks Web Tire Sales! You had the best price I could find anywhere! And, you shipped so quickly! I give you 2 thumbs up!!! Next time I need tires for my mower or one of my two ATVs, I’m heading your way!!!
Kenny Smith, Verified Customer
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