Dunlop ATV Tires

Important Information

Dunlop has stopped producing ATV or UTV tires. Duro has since recreated some of the original Dunlop tire models. We’ve listed those below. If you have any questions about this, do contact us and we can help you find a tire that’s similar to one by Dunlop.

Previously Dunlop-Branded Tires

  • Duro DI2016 and DI2017 Sport  Tires
    Duro DI2016 and DI2017 Sport Tires
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  • Duro DIK108  Tires
    Duro DIK108 Tires
    Product on sale
  • Duro DIK114  Tires
    Duro DIK114 Tires
    Product on sale
  • Duro DIK514  Tires
    Duro DIK514 Tires
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  • Duro DIK561  Tires
    Duro DIK561 Tires
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  • Duro DIK735A  Tires
    Duro DIK735A Tires
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  • Duro DIK968  Tires
    Duro DIK968 Tires
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History of Dunlop ATV Tires

Dunlop ATV tires will get you where you need to go, whether you ride mud, sand, trails, or the track. Dunlop had been producing tires since 1920 and was a recognized name throughout the ATV industry. Dunlop ATV tires came standard on many ATVs, having earned that status with recognized quality. For the last few years, Dunlop has discontinued their ATV tires.

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Dunlop ATV Tire Reviews

Listed are ATV/UTV tire reviews for Dunlop tire models that have been reproducted by Duro.

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Duro DIK968 Tires
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How to find ATV Tire size. The first Number is overall tire height. The second number is tire width. Last, the third number is rim diameter
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