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Showing 1–16 of 139 results

About UTV Mud Tires

If you plan to ride your UTV in mud, be sure to look around at our large selection of UTV mud tires! Some times are built specifically for riding in mud, while others are good all-around in most terrain. Depending on your plans and how deep the mud will be, you can choose accordingly. Plus, if you need help choosing your tires, make sure to contact us and we’ll give you recommendations.

Here are some benefits of mud tires:

  1. Improved Performance
  2. Improved Traction
  3. Longer Wear/Durability
  4. More fun and time riding

Here are some of the most aggressive UTV mud tires:

Here are aggressive mud tires for both ATVs and UTVs:

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UTV Mud Tire Reviews

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Maxxis Mudzilla Tires
Bought the maxxis mudzilla for mud and snow. Tested it by going slow through the mud, it does great! I also wanted to see how the tire did on other terrain. I went on the pavement at 40 mph, through the sand, dirt roads, hard packed rocky trails, and shallow creek beds. I thoroughly tested this tire putting about 70 miles on them and still had a few of the new tire nipples left. I give the tire a good rating for all conditions and a great rating for in the mud. These tires ride rougher than stock tires but it is no problem. I bought these tires mainly for snow but have to wait for winter to test them.
ken tusky, Verified Customer
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ITP Mud Lite AT Tires
gerald parsons, Verified Customer
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ITP Mammoth Mayhem Tires
Very good tires. Excellent next day delivery. Very pleased.
Doug Bauman, Verified Customer
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