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About ATV Sand Tires

Many rear ATV sand tires have paddles for grip, and front ATV sand tires have a center rib or smooth tread. The paddles in the rear serve a valuable purpose, providing grip and stability to cut through loose terrain like sand, and even snow or silt. The front tires must provide light but precise steering in order to navigate through the sand without getting stuck in it.

What To Look For In Sand Tires

To keep your wheels from spinning, you’ll want to look for maximum flotation in a sand tire. Essentially, tire flotation is exactly what it sounds like – your tire stays on top of the sand, instead of sinking in. This differs from other ATV tires, such as mud tires, that focus on cleanout (pushing the mud away from the tires). Flotation causes the sand to be pushed under the tire to help it stay on top of the surface and give you maximum grip. Obviously, flotation is not a concept that matters much when riding on the road, or even on a hard-pack trail. But when it comes to sand, it can mean the difference between flying over the dunes and getting stuck in a rut (cue the sad trombone). Maximum flotation will also help your sand tires run cooler, a must when riding through the desert and maintaining a longer tire life.

Recommended ATV Sand Tires

There are a handful of manufacturers that offer sand tires for either your ATV or UTV:

  • For the latest in sand technology, look no further than the ITP Sand Star.
    • These sand tires are lightweight, yet durable, and feature traditional paddle tires for the back and center rib tires on the front. These tires offer maximum flotation and traction while giving you a competitive edge when it comes to speed and cornering.
  • The GMZ Sand Stripper TT is another great option.
    • They have an aggressive bite, grabbing sand unmatched by most tires. If this is how you like your sand tires, these are a great choice for you!

Here are a couple of options that are for ATVs exclusively:

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ATV Sand Tire Reviews

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