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Showing 1–16 of 52 results

About Duro ATV Tires

Originally established in 1945 in Taiwan, Duro manufactures tires for just about every vehicle from golf carts to forklifts, including ATVs. Now Duro has multiple locations across Asia and a plant in Covington, GA since 2000.

Known for developing durable tires extensively tested out by racing pros before any tire hits the market. Duro calls it “Durobility”.

Our Recommendations

Duro has over 60 different models to choose from, making it tough for people new to the brand or unsure what they’re looking for. That’s why we put featured models at the top of the page so you can check out some of our recommendations, without needing to call. If you want a more customized recommendation for which Duro ATV tires to use, please call the number listed below!

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Duro ATV Tire Reviews

We pride ourselves on providing fast and expert customer service, an easy shopping experience, and competitive pricing on ATV / UTV tires and accessories.

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Duro Frontier DI2037 Tires
Just what I needed.
Steven Heeg, Verified Customer
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Duro DIK109 Tires
I am currently out of town and have not seen the tire in use, but the purchase and shipping were very easy and quick. The wife had the tire replaced and is currently using the Mule for around the property chores. Thank you for your quick response and followup. I’m sure that myself and my boys will get very good use from it.
Wendell Wilcher, Verified Customer
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Duro Desert X-Country Tires
I can’t say anything bad about this purchase. I bought two Duro Desert X-Country tires for my Yamaha Pro hauler. These are the oem tires that came on it. I replaced the two rears when I bought the cart three years ago and just started having problems with the fronts, which were the original tires on the rig. They treads were still good but the tires were cracked and hard and full of thorns from PO. They were full of old crappy looking sealant too. Had to cut them off. The new tires went on good. If I had to replace all four tires I would have gone with a less aggressive tread as I use this cart around our 5 acre place and the aggressive treads can tear up the grass at higher speeds. I probably won’t have to buy anymore tires for a long time. Shipping time was reasonable.
Ronnie Vaughn, Verified Customer
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