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Mastodon AT K3203 UTV Tires

Kenda Mastodon AT K3203 UTV tires

Mastodon AT K3203

Part of the MASTODON family, the AT was designed to be the "do-it-all" UTV/SXS tire. Aggressive, open tread design for good clean-out performance in mud. Large contact patch on harder packed conditions for superior traction and durability.

  • Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements (FMVSS 571.119).

  • Radial Tire designed specifically for the SIDE-BY-SIDE UTV market.

  • Extra tough HEAVY DUTY 8-ply rated casing resists punctures and improves ride quality and handling.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
254L3088  25-8R12 (8 Ply) $127.32
254K3089  25-10R12 (8 Ply) $139.29
251J3003  26-9R12 (8 Ply) $130.32
251K3002  26-11R12 (8 Ply) $143.56
254W3003  26-9R14 (8 Ply) $140.14
254X3022  26-11R14 (8 Ply) $153.37
25723081  28-10R14 (8 Ply) $173.52
25733080  30-10R14 (8 Ply) $177.14
0832031501D1  30-10R15 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $166.34
0832031502D1  32-10R15 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $181.26
0832011503D1  33-10R15 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $197.24


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