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The Carlisle AT489 is Carlisle's most popular ATV tire.

  • Puncture resistant tread compounds.

  • Aggressive design with smooth control.

  • Great grip on most terrain, including hard and muddy conditions.

Carlisle ATV Tires - AT489


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For all-terrain use, try the Carlisle All Trail.

  • Designed for use on pavement, concrete and hard-packed soil.

  • Low, wide profile.

  • 4-ply rated.

  • The tread pattern, along with a specially formulated compound, delivers a durable smooth ride.

Carlisle ATV Tires - All Trail

All Trail

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If you’re looking for an OEM tire for your Polaris or Can Am ATV, the Carlisle A.C.T. (All Conditions Tire) line is a popular choice.

  • Radial construction to increase traction and provide a smooth ride.

  • Open lug tread pattern, with tread depth of .75 inches

  • Rim-guard to protect wheel lip.

Carlisle ATV Tires - A.C.T.


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Rim Size:

Carlisle ACT
Carlisle ACT HD
Carlisle All Trail
All Trail/All Trail II
Carlisle AT101
Carlisle AT489
Carlisle AT489 II
AT489 II
Carlisle Badlands AR
Badlands A/R
Carlisle Badlands XTR
Badlands XTR
Carlisle Black Rock
Black Rock
Carlisle Black Rock M/S
Black Rock M/S
Carlisle Dimple Knobby
Dimple Knobby
Carlisle Fast Trax
Fast Trax
Carlisle HD Field Trax
HD Field Trax
Carlisle Knobby
Carlisle Stryker
Carlisle Terrathon
Carlisle TrailPro
Carlisle Trail Wolf
Trail Wolf
Carlisle Trail Wolf Sport
Trail Wolf Sport
Carlisle Turf Tamer
Turf Tamer
Carlisle Versa
Carlisle Versa Trail XTR
Versa Trail XTR
Carlisle ATV Tires

About Carlisle ATV Tires

For over 90 years, Carlisle Tire & Wheel has been producing wheels, tires & inner tubes along with a variety of other products. Carlisle’s dedication to the innovation of radial ATV tires makes them a standout in the industry and a popular choice in ATV tires.

Carlisle ATV tires are made at their factory in Tennessee, which features a test track at the site. Carlisle all-terrain products perform in the test lab and in the field.

If you’re looking for innovation, quality, and durability, then Carlisle ATV tires are the right choice for you. Carlisle's large selection of ATV tires make it so they have something for everyone.

Our Recommendations

Since Carlisle has over 20 atv tire models to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming for someone new or returning to the brand. Typically, you can't go wrong with our featured models at the top of this page, though we understand if someone is looking for recommendations more customized to their needs. We'll gladly talk with you about which Carlisle ATV tires are the best if you'd like! See our number below.

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No matter which Carlisle ATV tires you choose, you will experience our outstanding customer service and expert advice. If you need help choosing your atv tires or have any questions about our tires, call 1-877-313-9866.


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