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ITP Holeshot ATV Tires

ITP Holeshot ATV Tires


The ITP Holeshot ATV tire takes the knobby tread design to the next level.

With ITP's patented split-knob design, the Holeshot outperforms other knobbies.

This often imitated (but never duplicated) tire features excellent traction and great performance at a more affordable price than the competitors.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
557008  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot 15-5.00-6 (2 Ply) $40.16
532031  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot 20-11.00-8 (4 Ply) $88.08
532032  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot 20-11.00-9 (4 Ply) $88.18
532035  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot 20-11.00-10 (4 Ply) $83.93
532040  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot 21-7.00-10 (2 Ply) $74.79


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