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CST Sandblast UTV Tires

CST Sandblast ATV Tires


Soar over dunes with the Sandblast, a dune-engineered tire that delivers maximum flotation and high performance all in a lightweight package.

The size of the front tire and its dual-centered knob design create excellent flotation and turning ability, so transitioning from dune to dune is effortless. The Sandblast’s blades allow for the extreme versatility riders need.

  • Designed for performance on high-powered side-by-sides
  • 2-PR bias compound provides excellent steering response and minimal rolling resistance
  • Dual staggered knobs in center provide excellent steering in sand

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
TM007322G0  28-10.00-14 (2 Ply) $145.86
TM007325G0  28-12.00-14 (2 Ply) $153.00
TM007342G0  30-10.00-14 (2 Ply) $121.00
TM007358G0  30-12.00-14 (2 Ply) $186.86
TM00753600  32-10.00-15 (2 Ply) $144.50
TM00753800  32-12.00-15 (2 Ply) $152.50
TM00966200  32-10.00-17 (2 Ply) $207.89
TM00754500  32-12.00-17 (2 Ply) $166.00


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