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Titan AT589 M/T ATV Tires

Titan AT589 M/T ATV Tires

AT589 M/T

The Titan AT589 M/T ATV tire is the second generation version of the popular AT589 model.

If you're a serious rider, the AT589 M/T's aggressive tread pattern and deep lugs will get you through any terrain you tackle. You will appreciate the longer tread life and improved stability provided by the stepped lugs in this tire. The 1-inch tread depth, which is the deepest lug available from Titan, combined with patented Max Traction Ridges technology will give you more traction than you can imagine in even the most unforgiving terrain.

The 6-ply construction and tougher sidewall ensure puncture resistance as you're tearing through tough terrain.

If you're looking for a quality, American-made ATV tire that's aggressive and able to keep up with whatever obstacles you throw at it, The Titan AT589 M/T is the best choice.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
45X-332  24-8.00-11 (6 Ply) $89.95
45X-3R1  25-8.00-11 (6 Ply) $109.95


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    Titan at tires Barbara Tierce
      28x11x12 love them delivered in 3 days more...
    Titan at tires Barbara Tierce
      28x9x12 love them more...

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