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Maxxis is one of the largest and most respected tire companies in the world, founded in 1967. Their commitment to research & development has led to some of the most innovative tire technology in the ATV tire market today. As a company, Maxxis maintains a high level of quality and integrity and Maxxis ATV tires come as original equipment on numerous models of major ATV brands.

maxxis atv tires
  Our most popular Maxxis ATV tire for mudding is the Maxxis Mudbug.
  • Aggressive, directional tread pattern.
  • Fantastic cleanout.
  • Radial-constructed.
  • Gets you through even the deepest mud without sacrificing a smooth ride.
Maxxis ATV Tires - Mudbug
  The Razr Ballance, used by 9-time GNCC champion Bill Ballance, is an aggressive and lightweight radial, popular with racers and trail riders.
  • Maxxis’ most aggressive and lightest radial.
  • Excellent braking.
  • Outstanding shock absorption for a smooth ride.
  • 6-ply rated.
  • Lightweight.
Maxxis ATV Tires - Razr Ballance





Rim Size:

Maxxis 4-Snow ATV Tire
4-Snow M910
Maxxis All Trak ATV Tire
Maxxis All Trak ATV Tires
Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 ATV Tire
Bighorn 2.0 Radial
Maxxis Bighorn 3.0 ATV Tire
Bighorn 3.0 Radial
Maxxis Bighorn Radial ATV Tire
Bighorn Radial M917, M918
Maxxis Carnivore ML1 ATV Tire
Carnivore ML1
Maxxis Ceros ATV Tire
Maxxis Ceros ATV Tires
Maxxis Front Pro ATV Tire
Front Pro M9207
Maxxis IRazr ATV Tire
iRazr M943
Maxxis IRazr ATV Tire
iRazr M944
Maxxis Liberty ML3 ATV Tire
Liberty ML3
Maxxis Mudbug ATV Tire
Mudbug M961, M962
Maxxis Mudbug M967 ATV Tire
Mudbug M967 Radial
Maxxis Mudzilla ATV Tire
Mudzilla M966
Maxxis MW99 Snow Beast ATV Tire
MW99 Snow Beast
Maxxis OE M905 ATV Tire
OE M905
Maxxis OE M906 ATV Tire
OE M906
Maxxis OE M911Y ATV Tire
OE M911Y
Maxxis OE M912Y ATV Tire
OE M912Y
Maxxis OE M937 ATV Tire
OE M937
Maxxis OE M938 ATV Tire
OE M938
Maxxis OE M939 ATV Tire
OE M939
Maxxis OE M940 ATV Tire
OE M940
Maxxis OE M951Y ATV Tire
OE M951Y
Maxxis OE M952Y ATV Tire
OE M952Y
Maxxis OE M953 ATV Tire
OE M953
Maxxis OE M954 ATV Tire
OE M954
Maxxis OE MU19 ATV Tire
Maxxis OE MU20 ATV Tire
Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus ATV Tire
Maxxis Maxxzilla
Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus ATV Tire
Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus
Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus ATV Tire
Maxxis ML5 Rampage
Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus ATV Tire
Maxxis ML7 Roxxzilla
Maxxis Razr 4Speed ATV Tire
Razr 4Speed M925, M926
Maxxis Razr Ballance ATV Tire
Razr Ballance MS03, MS04
Maxxis Razr Blade ATV Tire
Razr Blade MS05, MS06
Maxxis Razr Cross ATV Tire
Razr Cross M957, M958
Maxxis Razr  iMX M943M ATV Tire
Razr iMX M943M
Maxxis Razr ATV Tire
Razr M931, M932
Maxxis MU9C Coronado ATV Tire
Maxxis MU9C Coronado
Maxxis Razr MX ATV Tire
Razr MX M931 & M932
Maxxis Razr Plus ATV Tire
Razr Plus MS-SR1 / MS-SR2
Maxxis Razr TT MS01 / MS02 ATV Tire
Razr TT MS01 / MS02
Maxxis Razr Vantage RS16 ATV Tire
Razr Vantage RS16
Maxxis Razr XC RS07 / RS08 ATV Tire
Razr XC RS07 / RS078
Maxxis Razr XM RS07 / RS08 ATV Tire
Razr XM RS07 / RS078
Maxxis Razr2 ATV Tire
Razr2 M933, M934
Maxxis Vipr MU15, MU16 ATV Tire
Maxxis Zilla ATV Tire
Zilla ATV Tires

If you're not sure what type of Maxxis ATV tires for your machine, our friendly customer service representatives would love to offer their expert advice. Call 877-313-9866 e-mail


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