Why Riding Conditions Matter When Choosing Your ATV/UTV Tires

November 12, 2021 Nov 12 2021
ATV tires come in many different tread patterns, each developed specifically for the terrain you regularly ride on. Using the wrong tread can actually damage your quad’s engine because it will work overtime while you try to get traction – so watch out! A majority of the main types of ATV/UTV tires on the market today fit into the following categories:
atv mud tires

Mud Tires

Anyone planning to ride through muddy conditions should consider buying ATV/UTV tires with tread specialized for the mud. The tread on mud tires is designed to send water away from the tread area so that you can achieve traction with minimal sliding. There are TONS of examples of great tires for muddy conditions, all of which can be seen by visiting our mud tires shop page!

atv sand tires

Sand Tires

Glide through sand with specialized ATV/UTV tires. On the sand, less tread is better. Where mud tires send water away from the tire, the tread of a sand tire will pull the sand in. This allows the tires to stay on top of the dune, rather than digging into it. Rear sand tires often feature paddles, where front sand tires can be completely smooth.

To keep your wheels from spinning, you’ll want to look for maximum flotation in a sand tire. Essentially, tire flotation is exactly what it sounds like – your tire stays on top of the sand, instead of sinking in. This differs from other ATV tires, such as mud tires, that focus on cleanout (pushing the mud away from the tires). Flotation causes the sand to be pushed under the tire to help it stay on top of the surface and give you maximum grip.

atv snow tires

Snow Tires

In very deep snow, you want a tire with medium lug depth, to avoid getting stuck. Although you could eventually dig yourself out with aggressive tires, what you’re looking for is an ATV/UTV snow tire with good flotation. This is exactly what it sounds like; you want your vehicle to “float” on top of the snow instead of sinking in. Our tire experts recommend the tires you choose are at a minimum 4 ply rated. You never know what’s under the snow you are on.

all-terrain tires

All-Terrain Tires

When searching for premium performance, it’s essential that you equip your ATV with the best tires suited to your adventures. But when your paths tend to differ, an all-terrain ATV tire might be the way to go. The reason why these tires are so useful for all-terrain travels is because of the type of premium rubber that is used to manufacture these tires, as well as a particular type of traction. Oftentimes, all-terrain ATV tires have a longer lifespan than their counterparts, tend to perform better at higher speeds, and are smooth-riding, for your convenience.

When selecting an all-terrain tire, if you are looking to maximize your speed, it is suggested that you select a lighter-weight radial tire that falls within stock tire sizes.

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How to find ATV Tire size. The first Number is overall tire height. The second number is tire width. Last, the third number is rim diameter
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