3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your ATV/UTV Tires

Outdoor ATVs February 17, 2022 Feb 17 2022

When you’re working hard and having fun with your ATV or UTV, it’s easy to take your vehicles’ tires for granted. But you can get the most out of your ATV/UTV Tires by following a few simple guidelines.

What To Do:

Get the most out of your ATV/UTV Tires with these 3 Simple Guidelines.

  1. Choose the Right Tires

    Your tires have a huge impact on the performance of your ATV/UTV. We’ll get into how riding conditions should play a role in what tires you end up choosing.

  2. Maintain Your ATV/UTV Tires

    Tire maintenance will help avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and potentially improve ATV/UTV performance. We detail three important tire maintenance tips.

  3. Protect Your Equipment

    We discuss how to properly care for and protect your ATV/UTV tires to help reach their longest life.

Choose The Right ATV/UTV Tires

Getting the most out of your ATV/UTV Tires means understanding the different treads. ATV and UTV tires come in a range of specialized treads. You can get All-Terrain tires, which are suitable for almost any application. But what about mud, hard-pack, or snow?

Do you struggle to get through sandy or rocky areas on your property or trails? With all the different types of tires, it’s important to select tires suited to your terrain and environment. This will help you get the maximum performance from the tires, so you can get around quickly and safely.

For more information about getting the most out of your ATV/UTV tires as well as more details on riding conditions, treads, and terrain, see our previous blog post.

Choose ATV Tires

Maintain the ATV & UTV Tires

  • First, you should frequently check the tire pressure to make sure they remain inflated to specifications. With hard use, ATV tires can be prone to damage and air pressure loss. Stay on top of that and avoid a flat with regular tire pressure checks on your ATV or UTV.
  • Secondly, clean the tires when they get dirty or packed with mud. Mud hardens and can hide sharp stones that could puncture the tire the next time you use it. Plus, an ATV looks better and works better when it isn’t clogged with dried mud.
  • Third, be sure your tires are aligned.  Rough terrain can work your ATV or UTV out of alignment. When it does, that can cause extra wear and tear on the tires.
Clean Equipment

Protect Your ATV/UTV Tires

ATV tires are built to last, but with continued exposure, heat, cold, mud, and snow can all affect the rubber. Getting more out of your ATV/UTV Tires means you must think about important factors like weathering, which is a real threat to tires. The best way to protect ATV and UTV tires is by parking the vehicles in a garage or at least in the shade. A controlled indoor storage garage is ideal and more secure to get the most out of your ATV/UTV tires!

Protecting tires from the sun will help achieve their longest life. In hot southern climates, the sun can heat up the rubber, which will become brittle and dry over time. You could also get a cover for your ATV or UTV, but make sure it covers the tires, too. Covers can be a great help for keeping an ATV or UTV dust-free while in storage or en route to the next location.

One quick note: Each manufacturer of ATV tires has their own warranty limitations. Weathering is not covered by manufacturer warranties—they usually only cover defects in the tires.

So, how long do ATV tires last?

The more you maintain and protect your carefully selected ATV tires, the longer they will last to provide hours of driving on the job or for sport.

ATV Storage

Have More Questions About ATV/UTV Tires?

Let us know if you have any questions about the tire you should choose for your ATV or UTV.

How to find ATV Tire size. The first Number is overall tire height. The second number is tire width. Last, the third number is rim diameter
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