Duro Mud and Sand HF243 ATV... reviews

Global Rating: 3.67 from 3 reviews.

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Review Of Tire (1/5) Nick Carta
  Disappointed that tire needed to be patched after first ride! Had an air leak in between tread after riding on desert trails with loose gravel and sand.
owner (5/5) charles seccurro
  No comment.
Getrrrrdone (5/5) Earl Wilbanks
  The only problem is installing the tire is there mash so flat that you have to go a tire shop and have installed. It takes a boost tank like to inflate a semi tire to blow them to seat to the rim. It took 1 shot to mount 1 tire and the other tire took 3 shots to seat the tire. Other than that there a good tire for the mud and sand. The tires did arrive on the date they said they would.

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