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Moose 427M Black & Mach

Moose 427M Black & Mach ATV Wheels

427M Black & Machined

Built to meet the demands of the ATV/UTV market, Moose Utility Division is proud to introduce the 427X line of wheels.

Whether it is in the woods, deep mud or sand, the 427X is prepared to take it on.

Handles load capacities from 675 lbs for the 12x7 front to 1,150 lbs for the 12x8 rear which meet, or exceed all current market requirements.

Separate yourself from the herd with a line of wheels that are 100% x-rayed on the production line to ensure quality and reliability.

Unique 8-lug look of a 1-ton truck heavy duty wheel. This new look will give your ATV/ UTV a new heavy duty look.

Simulated plastic lugs are replaceable.

Center caps are included with each wheel, but lug nuts must be ordered separately.

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Sku Name Size Offset PCD Price Qty Add
0230-0602  12X7, Offset: 4+3, PCD: 4/110 12X7 4+3 4/110 $70.95
0232-0210  427 wheel large center cap $10.95
0223-0113  387 and 427 wheel - Deep Center Cap $10.95


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