7 Winter Storage Tips for Your ATV or UTV

ATV/UTV Storage November 1, 2022 Nov 1 2022
Do you need to store your ATV or UTV for the winter? It takes a little time to clean and prep an ATV or UTV for winter storage, so now is the time to start thinking about what you need to make your storage area as safe as possible.

What to Do Before Storing an ATV

Check out these tips to store ATVs and UTVs so when it’s time to get them out of storage in the Spring, they’re ready to go!

  • Clean it
  • Change oil and air filter
  • Inflate tires
  • Add fuel stabilizer
  • Store the battery
  • Prevent vermin
  • Park and cover it
Wash ATV/UTV Tires

Clean Your ATV

On a warm day, clan and dry your ATV. Get all the mud chunks out of the tires and off the surface of the ATV. To avoid rust, you want the vehicle dry before you store it, so help it along by toweling it dry. Clean the tires thoroughly, as mud is made of water and dirt, so it will expand and contract over the winter. This will also help you assess whether your UTV or ATV will be needing new tires in the spring.

Check out a past blog that can help you make the decision of “When to replace ATV/UTV Tires”

Change the Oil

Before heading into winter, it’s a good idea to change the oil and replace dirty air filters in your ATV. This will help it through the winter and ensure that it’s ready for you to ride in the spring.

ATV/UTV Oil Change
ATV/UTV Tire Inflation

Inflate the Tires

Check your ATV tire pressure and make sure they are all inflated to the proper PSI. When you take it out of storage, be sure to check the tires first thing, as cooler temps and changes in temps could mean the tires will lose volume.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

When storing your UTV or ATV for any length of time, fill up the tank and add fuel stabilizer per product directions. Fuel stabilizer keeps the fuel fresh and prevents evaporation that can cause buildup. Fuel stabilizer may be good when you use your ATV very infrequently. It supports fuel stability for up to two years and prevents corrosion of the fuel tank.

Look for a fuel stabilizer designed for storage use, like this Sta-Bil Fuel Stabilizer For Storage from Amazon.

ATV/UTV Fuel Stabilizer
ATV/UTV Battery Storage

Store the Battery

Cold weather and lack of use drains ATV batteries. Protect your battery by disconnecting it and storing it above freezing (32F/0C). Find a cool and dry storage location, and consider a trickle charger to keep the battery charged. If left on a shelf, the battery will drain a little bit every day. Trickle chargers plug into the wall and the battery. They keep batteries from getting depleted by providing a small amount of power. Your local auto supply store can fill you in on the details of these devices.

Prevent Vermin

Remember that critters love to find protected places to nest or hibernate over winter. To prevent mice and other vermin from making your UTV their winter home, consider buying rodent repellent packs. Mice apparently hate the smell of mint-scented packs. You can also close off the exhaust pipe and other openings with steel wool or caps. Just remember to take preventive measures off before you use your ATV!

Rodent Repellent Packs
ATV/UTV Cover Storage

Park It & Cover It

Once your ATV or UTV is completely dry, park it on a flat, preferably concrete, surface. Make sure the area you park it in is dry and well ventilated, too. You don’t want any damp corners to make frost or humidity stay on your vehicle. To keep dust off while allowing moisture to evaporate, use a breathable cover for your ATV. In the spring, you will be glad you covered your ATV, as it will be shiny and ready to use.

We recommend using a 4 Seasons Protection Cover

Get your cleaning supplies ready and make a list of things you’ll need to purchase to ensure your ATV is protected while the snow flies. If you find that your tires will need replaced next spring, explore your options on ATVTires.com.

Learn more tips and tricks about your ATV and UTV by visiting our Blog Page or you can contact our support team by filling out a contact form.

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