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Duro Sport HF247 ATV Tires

Duro Sport HF247 ATV Tires

Sport HF247

The Duro Sport HF247 ATV tire is the optimal sport tire. With the modified chevron-type tread style designed for traction and fast cleaning, this zippy tire has it all. Reinforced sidewalls, deep lugs, lower profile, and specially engineered rubber compound, this tire is setting you up to race to the finish line! This tire is the perfect match for HF-245 rear tire.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
31-24707-187A  18-7.00-7 (2 Ply) $58.55
31-24708-189A  18-9.50-8 (2 Ply) $61.37
31-24708-197A  19-7.00-8 (2P Ply) $64.26
31-24710-217A  21-7.00-10 (2 Ply) $74.67


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