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    Choose the right ATV tires for the right conditions
  ATV tires come in many different tread patterns, each developed specifically for the terrain you regularly ride on. Using the wrong tread can actually damage your quad's engine, because it will work overtime while you try to get traction - so watch out! A majority of the main types of ATV tires on the market today fit into the following categories:

Mud ATV Tires
The tread on mud tires is designed to send water away from the tread area, so that you can achieve traction with minimal sliding. Examples: The Super Grip Mud Bitch is a great tire for mud pits, while Super Light ATV Tires are nice for wet, sloppy trails. Others include the Carlisle ACT XLR and Duro Buffalo.

Sand ATV Tires
On sand, less tread is better. Where mud tires send water away from the tire, the tread of a sand tire will pull the sand in. This allows the tires to stay on top of the dune, rather than digging into it. Rear sand tires often feature paddles, where front sand tires can be completely smooth. Examples: The GBC Sand Shark, Maxxis Razr Blade, Kenda Gecko and GBC Sand Devil.

All-Terrain (Trail) ATV Tires
If you mostly stick to the trails, all-terrain tires are the way to go. These are generally self-cleaning and offer balance and traction on mildly varying terrain. Examples: The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 radial and GBC Dirt Devil.

Racing ATV Tires
Racing tires are designed for hard-packed trails and courses, and will often have a "knobby" design or "X" pattern. Examples: The ITP Quadcross MX and Holeshot ATV tires.

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