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GBC Grim Reaper ATV tires

Grim Reaper Tires

The Grim Reaper tire is a unique all-terrain radial. The aggressive tread pattern features a zig-zagging center pattern for excellent straight-line control, complimented by wraparound shoulder lugs for cornering control.

This super tough, 8-ply tire resists puncture and is truly durable for any conditions you can find to put it to the test. Because this is a radial, you'll love the more even wear and smoother ride!

This super aggressive tire is available in a variety of sizes.

Please note: Tires supplied may not have the model 'hot patch' graphic on the side of the tire. This is due to a change in production policy by GBC.

Read the customer reviews below, or visit our YouTube Channel at Grim Reaper Tires.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
AE122310GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 23-10R12 (8 Ply) $108.33
AE122308GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 23-8R12 (8 Ply) $84.90
AE122508GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 25-8R12 (8 Ply) $94.80
AE122510GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 25-10R12 (8 Ply) $103.79
AE122612GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 26-12R12 (8 Ply) $147.37
AE142609GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 26-9R14 (8 Ply) $116.09
AE142611GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 26-11R14 (8 Ply) $127.31
AE142709GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 27-9R14 (8 Ply) $118.64
AE142711GR  GBC ATV Tire - Grim Reaper 27-11R14 (8 Ply) $136.28


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  • GBC Grim Reaper ATV Tire reviews

    Global Rating: 4.90 from 21 reviews

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    Good in mud Mike
      Replaced work site tires with the grim reapers on our kubota. Made a huge difference in the heavy clay soils we have here. more...
    First Impression Craig
      Bought these tires to replace the originals on my A/C Prowler. Did lots of internet research before making the decision to buy this particular tire, as no... more...
    Grim reaper John may
      Very nice tire grooves. Great in the mud! My Yamaha hoes thru anything. The bad had to take one of the two tires Back three times to get a bead seal on... more...
    Let's ride Carla
      Love the tires. With 2017 winter storms and fed ex loosing the shipping label my tires bounced twice coast to coast. Haha my tires will have more miles... more...
    KBOX Kyle Box
      Great tires! more...


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