ATV Tire Chains

STI Tire & Wheel is a rapidly growing company dedicated to the design, of the highest quality ATV and UTV products. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, STI is committed to producing tires that meet the utmost performance standards.

STI is led by a core group of knowledgeable industry veterans with a extensive history of inventive thinking, hands-on involvement and stellar customer service.



Rim Size:

STI ATX Trail ATV Tire
ATX Trail
STI Black Diamond ATR ATV Tire
Black Diamond ATR
STI Black Diamond XTR ATV Tire
Black Diamond XTR
STI Chicane ATV Tire
STI Gorilla Silverback ATV Tire
Gorilla Silverback
STI Mud Trax ATV Tire
Mud Trax
STI Mud Trax XL ATV Tire
Mud Trax XL
STI Outback ATV Tire
STI Outback HT ATV Tire
Outback HT
STI Outback Max ATV Tire
Outback Max
STI Outback XLT ATV Tire
Outback XLT
STI Roctane XD ATV Tire
Roctane XD
STI Roctane XD-K ATV Tire
Roctane XD-K
STI Roctane XS ATV Tire
Roctane XS
STI Sand Drifter UTV Tire
Sand Drifter
STI Tech 4 XC ATV Tire
Sand Wedge
STI Slasher AT301 ATV Tire
Slasher AT301
STI Tech 4 MX ATV Tire
Tech 4 MX
STI Tech 4 XC ATV Tire
Tech 4 XC


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