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STI Roctane XD ATV Tires

STI Roctane XD ATV Tires

Why You Should Buy This Tire

An extreme duty 8-ply radial with a tough carcass for large, fast and heavy UTV applications. You'll be crawling over rocks like a pro with the 11 sizes there are to choose from; including 2 extra-tall sizes and regular ATV sizes, too. This reliable tire has extra-deep rim guards to protect your wheels, while a reinforced sidewall and wide tread belts add shoulder protection and stability.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
001-1101  25-8R12 (8 Ply) $143.05
001-1102  25-10R12 (8 Ply) $171.89
001-1103  26-9R12 (8 Ply) $161.03
001-1104  26-11R12 (8 Ply) $214.05
001-1123  27-9R14 (8 Ply) $195.32
001-1124  27-11R14 (8 Ply) $197.46
001-1125  28-10R14 (8 Ply) $213.79
001-1127  30-10R14 (8 Ply) $217.92
001-1129  32-10R14 (8 Ply) $269.92


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