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STI Chicane ATV Tires

STI Chicane ATV Tires


STI's Chicane RX tires serve owners well with high-performance features including a deep rim guard and a reinforced bead/lower sidewall that allows lower PSI operation. The result is maximum tire performance and durability over a variety of terrain, without the need to run overly high PSI to avoid flats.

Split-knob, non-directional tread design.

Durable and light 8-ply carcass gives a smooth ride.

Reinforced bead and lower sidewall, plus deep rim guard.

Max performance and strength with no need to run overly psi.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
001-1413  26-10R12 (8Ply) $129.13
001-1423  27-10R14 (8Ply) $133.04
001-1425  28-10R14 (8Ply) $190.12
001-1427  30-10R14 (8Ply) $183.51
001-1442  30-10R15 (8Ply) $181.48
001-1447  32-10R15 (8Ply) $204.74


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