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Sedona Mud Rebel ATV Tires

Sedona Mud Rebel ATV Tires

Mud Rebel

The Sedona Mud Rebel ATV tire is an all-terrain tire that likes to play in the mud.

This tire features an aggressive tread design with angled lugs for extra traction. The shoulder lugs help you dig out and stay out of deep ruts, as well as providing predictable steering and cornering. The center tread allows for a smoother ride on the trails.

This 6-ply rated tire is tough and resists puncture. Available for front or rear, in a variety of sizes.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
570-4005  25-11.00-10 (6 Ply) $107.40
570-4001  24-8.00-12 (6 Ply) $76.88
570-4000  25-8.00-12 (6 Ply) $96.47
570-4004  25-10.00-12 (6 Ply) $91.53
570-4002  26-9.00-12 (6 Ply) $100.34
570-4006  26-10.00-12 (6 Ply) $107.71
570-4007  26-12.00-12 (6 Ply) $124.99
570-4003  27-10.00-14 (6 Ply) $115.94
570-4008  27-12.00-14 (6 Ply) $137.49


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    utv tires freud farley
      I don't know how they ware yet, but buying them from was a breeze. They were exactly as stated. more...

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