Titan 489 XT ATV Tire reviews

Global Rating: 4.93 from 15 reviews.

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Better tire (5/5) Anonymous
  Better than the 3-ply that came on the ATV.
Better Tire (5/5) Anonymous
  Certainly better than the 3-ply versions that came standard
great tire (5/5) HUGH TURNER
  I have used these on my mini truck for 10 years two new for the front every year due to the long travel on the pavement. they are on 8 inch wheels and are inflated to 28 lbs. they are very tough and serve me great, they have carried me straight up and down the hills which are very steep through roads you would not think the truck would go. I have been stuck a few times with them but there seemed to be no bottom to the mud. 6 ply and 10 years of using them what can i say. The reason for the two rvery year is the rear end is light and spins on pavement so they wear faster. Therefore i get two years of use out of them. Oh and it is 8 miles to the woods where i hunt.
Titan 489 wt atv tires (4/5) Lyle Rinnels
  order was deliver on time. Tires look and fit perfect.
Very Happy (5/5) James Ferguson
  Ordered this tire as a replacement for the one blown out by a stob on my ATV. The tire matched the others on the ATV.
ATV Tire (5/5) Doris Ramsperger
  Love this tire. Very good price and was delivered fast.
Good tires (5/5) Tom
  Very aggressive tread and heavy construction.
Great (5/5) Ruth Rubelt
  Great tires, great service!!
Great (5/5) Ruth Rubelt
  Great tires, great service. Received in a very short period of time and so far the tires are performing terrifically!
Buyer (5/5) Gus Schrade
  The tires arrived in a couple days as I was told. The price was the best I could find on line. This is the exact tire that would match the other two tires. The tires are tough but I run sealer in them because we drive in thorny brush a lot.

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