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Located in Saint Louis, the Pit Bull Tire Company has been in the ATV tire business since 1994. Pit Bull Tire is the motorsports division of Tire Mart, Inc., a 65+ year old veteran in the tire industry.

Tire Mart Inc. has been owned by the same family for almost 70 years and prides itself that as an American family-owned business, they do their best to have Pit Bull products designed & manufactured in the United States.

Pit Bull ATV Tires



Rim Size:
Pit Bull

Pit Bull Growler ATV Tire
Growler Uber XOR / XOR
Pit Bull Rocker Uber  ATV Tire
Pit Bull II Puller
Pit Bull Rocker Uber  ATV Tire
Rocker Uber
No matter which Pit Bull ATV tire you choose, you will experience our outstanding customer service and expert advice. Plus, all orders over $99.99 are eligible for free shipping.


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