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OTR 350 Super Mag ATV Tires

OTR 350 Super Mag ATV Tires

350 Super Mag

The OTR 350 Super Mag is designed with a non-directional tread pattern to reduce rolling resistance as well as road noise in order to maximize comfort while riding.

The Super Mag provides superb traction and wear characteristics on various terrain. It is extremely durable, thanks to rubber compounds that enable it to be very resistant to abrasion which in turn makes it last longer while in use on hard surfaces.

It's built to RTV vehicle standards and supports greater load ratings than most marketplace ATV tires today.

It is available with OTR Flat-Proofing TyrLynerŪ - a permanent, self-healing polyurethane rubber that is securely adhered to the inside of the tire casing. TyrLynerŪ heals over cuts, punctures and penetrating objects, and will prevent tires from going flat.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
T154062590012H  25-9.00-12 (6 Ply) $129.99
T154062590012HTL  25-9.00-12 w/TyrLyner (6 Ply) $142.99
T1540625100012H  25-10.00-12 (6 Ply) $147.25
T1540625100012HTLA  25-10.00-12 w/TyrLyner (6 Ply) $276.44
T1540625110012H  25-11.00-12 (6 Ply) $159.99
T1540625110012HTL  25-11.00-12 w/TyrLyner (6 Ply) $172.99


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