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OTR 350 Mag Off Road ATV Tires

OTR 350 Off Road ATV Tires

350 Mag Off Road

OTR's 350 MAG RTV tires feature an open and non-directional tread pattern, that make them a great all-terrain tire.

You'll enjoy superior traction, even wear, and longer tire life whether you're hitting the trails, the field, or even the occasional mud puddle.

This tire is excellent as an off-road tire because of the unique design offering great shock absorption and a stable ride. Having this added stability makes your ride smoother and more enjoyable, and knowing you have a solid set of tires on the ground gives you peace of mind.

This tire is the OEM that Kubota prefers, and is very popular for Kubota RTVs.

This tire is built to higher RTV standards, so it supports higher load ratings than a standard ATV tire.

Available in three sizes, the OTR 350 Mag Off Road features 6-ply construction for excellent puncture resistance, and is available in front or rear varieties.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
T24350624090012  24-9.00-12 (6Ply) $115.38
24350624110012  24-11.00-12 (6Ply) $158.46
T24350623105012  23-10.50-12 (6 Ply) $109.44
T2435062580012  25-8.00-12 (6 Ply) $173.32
24350625100012  25-10.00-12 (6 Ply) $134.95


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    Unpermitted unpermitted
      I run often on "unpermitted" paths that are adjacent to my property but governed by Corp of Engineers. previous tires were like so many other aggressive... more...
    Frank's Darling Acres Frark Darling
      Very exceptional service and speedy delivery more...
    Mechanic II Gary Osburn
      Outstanding service and fast delivery. Thank you for the prompt service! more...
    Management, PCN Andy
      Very fast service and great prices. I will definitely use them again for all my tire purchases. more...
    OTR 350 Jim Latimer
      Excellent tires! Purchased these as replacement tires for the OEM tires on a 2008 Kubota RTV 1100. Very pleased with the performance of the original tires... more...


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