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MRT Crawler XR ATV Tires

MRT Crawler XR ATV tire

Crawler XR ATV Tires

Everything about this tire has been optimized for Racing, from the deep corner tread bites to the dual durometer tread composition. This tire was designed for maximum traction, sidewall durability and versatility. With a self cleaning square tread, provides maximum contact patch for the highest levels of traction and cornering characteristics. Super Strong ARAMID construction for maximum sidewall protection, sidewall traction flex and weight reduction.

One of a kind ARAMID belt construction, ultimate sidewall puncture performance. Popular ATV/UTV tread style. Race engineered for maximum corner stability. ARAMID sidewall protection, with side biter sidewall tread. 8 Ply, 1170-1420 lbs Load rating performance radials. Ready for race, trail and utility work.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
MRT-XR28104K  MRT Crawler XR 28-10R14 Front/Rear 8 Ply ATV - UTV Tire $293.33
MRT-XR30104K  MRT Crawler XR 30-10R14 Front/Rear 8 Ply ATV - UTV Tire $304.17
MRT-XR30905K  MRT Crawler XR 30-9R15 Front/Rear 8 Ply ATV - UTV Tire $313.33
MRT-XR32105K  MRT Crawler XR 32-10R15 Front/Rear 8 Ply ATV - UTV Tire $365.35


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