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Maxxis Razr Cross M957, M958 ATV Tires

Maxxis Razr Cross M957 M958 ATV Tires

Razr Cross M957, M958

The Maxxis Razr Cross ATV tire is perfect for motocross.

The front tire features a small lateral line for excellent traction, while the angled shoulder knobs offer great steering.

The rear tire's wider footprint and angled, dimpled knobs offer great stability and traction.

Both tires feature smaller knobs, allowing you to cut a specific tread pattern depending on racing conditions.

If you're racing on intermediate to hard pack terrain, this is definitely the tire for you!

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
TM06245100  Maxxis ATV Tire - Razr Cross M958 18-6.50-8 (4 Ply) $70.50
TM06304000  Maxxis ATV Tire - Razr Cross M958 18-10.00-8 (4 Ply) $110.10
TM12104000  Maxxis ATV Tire - Razr Cross M957 19-6.00-10 (4 Ply) $89.06
TM13646000  Maxxis ATV Tire - Razr Cross M957 20-6.00-10 (4 Ply) $78.00


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