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Kenda Speed Racer ATV Tires

Kenda Speed Racer K546 K547 ATV Tires

Speed Racer K546, K547

Whether you’re hard surface racing, or just do not want to tear up the turf, the Speedracer is the tire for you.

New front and rear-specific designs for ATV supermoto and dirt track racing.

Not for on-road use.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
085470870B1  18-9.50-8 (4 Ply) $108.45
085460840B1  19-7.00-8 (4 Ply) $95.46
085470841B1  19-8.00-8 (4 Ply) $66.70
085460874B1  20-7.00-8 (4 Ply) $77.52
085470881B1  21-10.00-8 (4 Ply) $90.29
085470878B1  22-10.00-8 (4 Ply) $95.69
085470993B1  20-11.00-9 (4 Ply) $90.56
085471009B1  18-10.00-10 (4 Ply) $84.12
085461080B1  21-7.00-10 (4 Ply) $76.63
085471078B1  22-10.00-10 (4 Ply) $95.25
085461245C1  25-8.00-12 (6 Ply) $99.35
085471295C1  25-10.00-12 (6 Ply) $111.60


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    New Front Tires Jay Smith
      Tires are great. UTV handles much better and I am sure the tires with this tread will last on the pavement much longer more...
    Tires mike obrien
      Look good and handle well on black top more...
    Buyer Michael Rodman
      What a great tire! After installing them on my Land Master LM400, I could not believe the difference in the ride, and how quiet they was. I received the... more...

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