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Kenda Front Max K284 ATV Tires

Kenda Front Max K284 ATV Tires

Front Max K284

The Kenda Front Max K284 ATV tire is a unique front rib tire.

This lightweight tire made specifically for ATV usage, features reinforced knobs for great traction and cornering like no other.

The Front Max K284 is suitable for just about any terrain, and is a fantastic OE replacement.

This affordable front tire is very popular with our customers, and when you experience the excellent grip and predictable steering, you'll see why!

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
082840874A1  20-7.00-8 (2 Ply) $55.42
082840884A1  22-11.00-8 (2 Ply) $75.36
082840982A1  21-8.00-9 (1*PSI) $60.29
082841080A1  21-7.00-10 (2 Ply) $59.61
082841083A1  22-8.00-10 (2 Ply) $61.95
082841084A1  22-11.00-10 (2 Ply) $72.00
082841185A1  23-8.00-11 (2 Ply) $63.83
082841190A1  23.5-8.00-11 (2 Ply) $67.14


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    Global Rating: 4.82 from 11 reviews

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    Product review Gregory Howell
      Great tires for a great price !!!! more...
    Office Manager Penny White
      Thank you for the prompt service. We appreciate that as the customer needed the machine for his work. more...
    Great tire Anonymous
      A great tire for a great price more...
    Good buy I think Stan
      haven't had these tires long enough yet to say much, they've only been on the 4-wheeler for two days. i think they look fine though and sealed pretty easily,... more...
    Tires Randy braam
      They were right size that I ordered they came on the time they said they would everything was good more...

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