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Kenda Tire, headquartered in Taiwan, has been making tires since 1962 for bikes, cycles, ATV’s, cars, and trailers. Kenda Tire is known for their wide range of products and their obsession to exceed industry standards.

Perhaps Kenda ATV Tires crowning achievement in the ATV world, was, and still is, the Bearclaw. First introduced in 1992, the Kenda Bearclaw was the first heavy duty 6-ply. The Bearclaw was also the first to feature tear resistant material to extend tire life.

  Mudders. The Kenda Bearclaw is one of ATV Tires top-selling tires. Period.
  • Updated tread pattern.
  • Radial construction.
  • Tough, tough, tough 8-ply.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Watch the video. (opens new window)
Kenda ATV Tires - Bear Claw
Bear Claw
  Need an OEM replacement tire for your UTV? The Kenda Pathfinder is the answer.
  • Great for your 4x4 or utility vehicle.
  • 2 or 4-ply.
  • Good in all conditions.
  • 4 or 6-ply rating, with tough sidewalls.
  • Available for front or rear.
Kenda ATV Tires - Pathfinder



Rim Size:

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire
Bearclaw K299
Kenda Bearclaw K587 HTR ATV Tire
Bearclaw K587 HTR
Kenda Bearclaw K592 EVO ATV Tire
Bearclaw K592 EVO
Kenda Bounty Hunter ATV Tire
Bounty Hunter K537
Kenda Bounty Hunter ATV Tire
Bounty Hunter K585
Kenda Dominator  ATV Tire
Dominator K300
Kenda Executioner ATV Tire
Executioner K538
Kenda Front Max ATV Tire
Front Max K284
Kenda Klaw MX ATV Tire
Klaw MX K532, K533
Kenda Klaw Sticky Lite ATV Tire
Klaw Sticky Lite
Kenda Klaw XC ATV Tire
Klaw XC K532, K533
Kenda Kutter II ATV Tire
Kutter II K588, K589
Kenda Kutter MX ATV Tire
Kutter MX K580, K581
Kenda Kutter XC ATV Tire
Kutter XC K580, K581
Kenda Mastodon HT K3201 UTV Tire
Mastodon HT K3201
Kenda Mastodon AT K3203 UTV Tire
Mastodon AT K3203
Kenda Pathfinder ATV Tire
Pathfinder K530
Kenda Road Go ATV Tire
Road Go K572
Kenda Scorpion ATV Tire
Scorpion K290
Kenda Snow Mad ATV Tire
Snow Mad K584
Kenda Speed Racer ATV Tire
Speed Racer K546, K547
Kenda Terra Trac ATV Tire
Terra Trac K502
Kenda Kongur K576A ATV Tire
Kenda Kongur K576A

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