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ITP Ultracross ATV Tires

ITP Ultracross ATV Tires


The low-profile design of the Ultracross provides superior handling on smooth, hard surfaces.

A tightly spaced, overlapping tread pattern lowers rolling resistence and enhanaces ride comfort. A 6-ply radial construction and durable rubber compound deliver longer wear and enhanced cut resistance. A super deep Rim guard offers the best wheel lip protection in the business.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
6P0250  23-10R12 (6Ply) $100.51
6P0251  27-10R12 (8Ply) F/R $145.11
6P0253  28-10R12 (8Ply) F/R $151.86
6P0492  27-9R14 (8Ply) F/R $140.61
6P0252  27-10R14 (8 Ply) $147.45
6P0254  28-10R14 (8Ply) F/R $149.61
6P0317  29-9R14 (8Ply) Front $158.61
6P0318  29-11R14 (8Ply) Rear $175.49
6P0323  29-10R15 (8Ply) Rear $166.49
6P0515  31-9.5R14 (8Ply) F/R $170.99
6P0255  30-10R15 (8Ply) F/R $173.24
6P0516  31-9.5R15 (8Ply) F/R $191.76
6P0256  32-10R15 (8Ply) F/R $169.95
6P0512  34-10R17 (8Ply) F/R $195.74


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