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ITP Quadcross XC ATV Tires

ITP Quadcross XC ATV Tires

Quadcross XC

The ITP Quadcross XC ATV tire is an excellent trail tire.

MX-winning technology and a unique dimpled tread pattern make this tire an excellent performer.

For cross-country riding, this larger, heavier duty 6-ply tire resists puncture and is reliable.

The high-tech carcass design reduces the bounce commonly found on many cross-country knobbies.

The long-wearing tread compound gives you durability, traction, and great handling.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
560547  ITP ATV Tires - Quadcross XC 20-11.00-9 (6Ply) $104.91
560546  ITP ATV Tires - Quadcross XC 22-7.00-10 (6Ply) $89.95


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