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ITP Holeshot XC ATV Tires

ITP Holeshot XC ATV Tires


The ITP Holeshot XC ATV tire is an excellent addition to the Holeshot line of tires.

The patented tread design with split-knob pattern and siped lugs gives maximum traction no matter what terrain you encounter.

ITP's patented Rim Guard technology offers sidewall protection and helps prevent air loss.

This heavy duty tire is available for front or rear placement.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
532034  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot XC 20-11.00-9 (6 Ply) $79.95
532045  ITP ATV Tire - Holeshot XC 22-7.00-10 (4 Ply) $86.48


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