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Interco Tire Corporation is a Louisiana company that has evolved over three generations into a leader in the development of high performance tires.
  The Interco Black Mamba ATV tire changes the rules for mud tires. Developed specifically for high performance quads, this tire has an incredibly aggressive tread pattern and super deep lugs.
  • This mean-looking tire tears through the mud and muck easily.
  • Reinforced sidewalls resist puncture.
  • Built to the very highest of ATV tire standards.
  • Actual tread width is 12.5".
Interco Black Mamba ATV tire
Black Mamba
  The Super Swamper TSL Vampire 2 is the next generation of Vampire ATV tire from Interco and the perfect example of Interco's constant pursuit of performance.

This highly versatile tire is very good an all-terrain and all-weather tire that performs as well as it looks, and it looks good.

The unique lug design and pattern is designed for great self-clearing of mud, snow, and slush with ground biting power and superior traction that makes riding on these tires a great experience for the nearly every rider in nearly every riding condition.

Interco Vampire II ATV tire
Vampire II



Rim Size:

Interco Aquatorque ATV Tire
Interco Black Mamba ATV Tire
Black Mamba
Interco Black Mamba Lite ATV Tire
Black Mamba Lite
Interco Reptile ATV Tire
Interco Interforce ATV Tire
Interco Interforce II ATV Tire
Interforce II
Interco Sniper ATV Tire
Interco Sniper 920 ATV Tire
Sniper 920
Interco Super Swamper ATV Tire
Super Swamper
Interco Super Swamper Radial ATV Tire
Super Swamper Radial
Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire
Swamp Lite
Interco Vampire II ATV Tire
Vampire II

Our outstanding customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have on Interco ATV tires. Get your order in by 3 pm CST, and your tires ship the same day! Orders over $99.99 are eligible for free shipping.

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