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Interco Black Mamba ATV Tires

Interco Black Mamba ATV tires

Black Mamba

The Interco Black Mamba ATV tire changes the rules for mud tires.

Developed specifically for high performance quads, this tire has an incredibly aggressive tread pattern and super deep lugs.

This mean-looking tire tears through the mud and muck easily, and the reinforced sidewalls resist puncture.

These mud tires are built to the very highest of ATV tire standards, and they won't let you down!

Note: Due to the extreme size and specialty application of these tires, we are not able to accept returns. Actual tread width is 12.5".

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
BM22  Interco ATV Tire - Black Mamba 30-10-12 (6 Ply) $334.87
BM26  Interco ATV Tire - Black Mamba 32.5-10-14 (6 Ply) $246.60


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