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Innova Racer Firm 62D IA-8022 ATV Tires

Innova Racer Firm 62D IA-8022 ATV Tires

Racer Firm 62D IA-8022

The Innova Racer Firm 62D UA-8022 ATV tire is a heavy-duty racing tire.

This tire is designed for Super Moto , featuring a deep semi-curved tread pattern and directional radial grooves for cleanout.

This tire is great at cornering and has fantastic traction.

This DOT street-approved tire is great for drag racing, and is also available in medium or firm rubber compounds as well.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
19788022-4  19-7.00-8 (4 Ply) $79.99
201098022-50N  20-10.00-9 (4 Ply) $130.13
201198022-38N  20-11.00-9 (4 Ply) $131.15
2210108022-4  22-10.00-10 (4 Ply) $130.22
2411108022-4  24-11.00-10 (4 Ply) $124.95
258128022-4  25-8.00-12 (4 Ply) $120.57


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