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Innova Lug Gear IA-8023 ATV Tires

Innova Lug Gear IA-8023 ATV Tires

Lug Gear IA-8023

The Innova Lug Gear IA-8023 ATV tire is an ultra-aggressive mud tire. If you're tackling rocks and off-camber terrain, this tire gives you a huge 10" long footprint for stability.

The stepped shoulder tread keeps your machine upright no matter what obstacles you encounter. As an extra bonus, raised "LUG" letters leave your footprint on the trail.

The extra tough carcass makes for a super durable tire that resists puncture. Available for front or rear placement.

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2612128023-6  26-12.00-12 (6 Ply) $73.95


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