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Innova Knobby Gear IA-8009 ATV Tires

Innova Knobby IA-8009 ATV Tires

Knobby Gear IA-8009

The Innova Knobby Gear IA-8009 ATV tire is a great all-terrain tire. With tightly spaced dimpled knobs, you'll experience great traction on any terrain.

The wrap around shoulder lugs improve your ability to dig out of ruts.

This OEM replacement tire is super affordable and available for front or rear placement.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
145708009-2  145-70-6 (2 Ply) $44.40
168078009-2  16-8.00-7 (2 Ply) $38.99
221188009-2  22-11.00-8 (2 Ply) $74.06


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