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GBC Gator ATV Tires

GBC Gator ATV Tires

Gator Tires

Gator tires are an ideal balance of strength and comfort. The overlapping tread pattern and deep, widely set lugs give excellent traction and bite when you need it, while also providing awesome cleanout.

The directional, bias-ply constructed tread provides a surprisingly smooth ride, even in tough terrain.

Gator tires are 6-ply rated and feature a heavy-duty carcass for puncture resistance and tire life. This best-selling tire is available in a huge variety of sizes to fit your machine.

Please note: Tires supplied may not have the model 'hot patch' graphic on the side of the tire. This is due to a change in production policy by GBC.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
AR10315  GBC ATV Tire - Gator 24-11.00-10 (6 Ply) $90.41
AR11321  GBC ATV Tire - Gator 22-7.00-11 (6 Ply) $82.49
AR11322  GBC ATV Tire - Gator 23-8.00-11 (6 Ply) $69.17
AR12332  GBC ATV Tire - Gator 25-10.00-12 (6 Ply) $106.09
AR12342  GBC ATV Tire - Gator 26-12.00-12 (6 Ply) $113.45


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    Best bite tak anopolis
      I had these in the past, and they lasted FOREVER!! I had to get them again when i bought another warrior. They give it an extra inch and a completely... more...
    Rick Richard Guertin
      These tires are top notch in every category. They make an old 300 Honda come to life. Traction is absolutely a 10!! Another benefit is the lighter... more...


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