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GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tires

GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tires

Dirt Commander

The GBC Dirt Commander ATV tire is an incredibly tough 8-ply tire. Although this is technically an all-terrain tire, the deep 7/8" lugs will offer excellent traction to tackle mud conditions as well.

This versatile tire will give you a smooth ride on harder-pack terrain while getting you through the tough stuff with that ultra-aggressive tread pattern. The siped treads give more biting edges to dig in and handle any and all terrains!

Please note: Tires supplied may not have the model 'hot patch' graphic on the side of the tire. This is due to a change in production policy by GBC.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
AE122508DC  25-8.00-12 Front (8 Ply) $143.28
AE122510DC  25-10.00-12 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $168.66
AE122609DC  26-9.00-12 Front (8 Ply) $157.63
AE122611DC  26-11.00-12 Rear (8 Ply) $196.01
AE122709DC  27-9.00-12 Front (8 Ply) $161.08
AE122711DC  27-11.00-12 Rear (8 Ply) $192.15
AER122711DC  27-11R12 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $211.24
AE122810DC  28-10.00-12 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $177.36
AE142609DC  26-9.00-14 Front (8 Ply) $160.26
AE142611DC  26-11.00-14 Rear (8 Ply) $210.95
AE142709DC  27-9.00-14 Front (8 Ply) $173.82
AER122709DC  27-9R14 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $182.56
AE142711DC  27-11.00-14 Rear (8 Ply) $203.41
AE142909DC  29-9.00-14 Front (8 Ply) $194.78
AE142911DC  29-11.00-14 Rear (8 Ply) $206.23
AE143010DC  30-10.00-14 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $272.59
AE143210DC  32-10.00-14 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $253.96
AE153010DC  30-10.00-15 Front/Rear (8 Ply) $271.22


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    Tough as Nails! Philip Glass
      GBC Dirt Commanders are really tough and last. These may last the practical life of your machine! I have 6 AtVís with GBC tires and wonít buy anything else. more...
    Utv tires Jim jawort
      Very pleased, one tire in four days, one in five. I did pay for one to four day. more...
    GNCC Approved Keith
      I've never had an issue with these tires. They take a beating and keep going. They are phenomenal in sandy conditionds and loose dirt. They do well in mud as... more...
    manager Kevin Fargo
      Tires are looking good and very aggressive. Went thru 6" of snow first day and no problem with traction at all. Tires arrived next day from ordering.... more...
    dirt commamnders Andrew J Davison
      I want to say I am very happy with the product and how they look and fit on my ATV thankyou guys more...

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