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Douglas (DWT) Diablo Black

Douglas (DWT) Diablo Black ATV Wheels

Diablo Black

With such Style, Performance and Strength, itís sure to scare the competition off the track.

This wheel is rated at 1000 lbs per wheel, which means itís strong and good looking!

Available in a variety of awesome finishes the Diablo will set the trend in the SXS and utility market.

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Sku Name Size Offset PCD Price Qty Add
991-16  12X7, Offset: 2+5, PCD: 4/110 12X7 2+5 4/110 $88.95
991-20  12X7, Offset: 4+3, PCD: 4/115 12X7 4+3 4/115 $88.95
991-30  12X7, Offset: 4+3, PCD: 4/136 12X7 4+3 4/136 $100.42
991-40  12X7, Offset: 4+3, PCD: 4/156 12X7 4+3 4/156 $89.50


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