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CST Stag Radial ATV Tires

CST Stag Radial ATV Tires

Stag Radial

The 6 ply CST Stag is a non-directional tread ATV/UTV tire that digs through and cleans out dirt, mud, and other debris with ease. The Stag’s radial carcass absorbs rocks, roots, and bumps for ultimate ride comfort.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
TM16138500  25-8R12 Front (6 Ply) $137.00
TM16656500  25-10R12 Rear (6 Ply) $166.50
TM00554500  26-9R12 Front (6 Ply) $169.00
TM00539700  27-9R12 Front (6 Ply) $180.00
TM00539800  27-11R12 Rear (6 Ply) $195.50
TM006680G0  26-11R12 (6 Ply) $186.00
TM00555500  26-9R14 Front (6 Ply) $175.00
TM005535G0  26-11R14 (6 Ply) $190.50
TM00816400  27-9R14 Front (6 Ply) $192.00
TM00887500  27-11R14 Rear (6 Ply) $208.50
TM00032500  28-9R14 Front (6 Ply) $198.00
TM00032400  28-11R14 Rear (6 Ply) $213.50
TM00816500  29-9R14 Front (6 Ply) $204.00
TM00888000  29-11R14 Rear (6 Ply) $219.50
TM00749200  29-9R15 Front (6 Ply) $224.50
TM00749500  29-11R15 Rear (6 Ply) $235.50
TM00736000  30-10R14 Front/Rear (6 Ply) $228.50
TM00040500  32-10R17 Rear (6 Ply) $244.00


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