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Cheng Shin Tires (CST brand) sets the standard for excellence in the ATV tire field. Cheng Shin’s commitment to become a highly respected worldwide tire brand is evident in their diverse line of quality ATV tires for mud, sand, racing, and more. CST brand tires are distributed in over 150 countries and the company employs over 20,000 people.

  For quality sand tires, check out the Ablaze Sand CS01/CS02. 
  • 2-ply construction.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Excellent floatation.
  • Two ply construction.
  • Directional rear tires are left and right specific.
Cheng Shin Ablaze ATV tire
  For durable cross-country tires, try the Ambush C9308/C9309 Sport the perfect tires to take on a variety of conditions on the trail.
  • Maximum control and less tire roll.
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Directional front offers predictable cornering with straight-line stability.
  • Both the front and rear tires are 4-ply rated that provides puncture resistance.
  • Knobs extend across section width for maximum traction and control.
  • Lowest-price option among many other similar tires.
Cheng Shin Ambush atv tire
  If you’re looking for lightweight, all-terrain tires, you can count on the Abuzz All-Terrain CU01/CU02. They will take you from the trail, to the field, and even through the mud, rocks, or sand with ease.
  • Lightweight.
  • Front tire offers outstanding steering.
  • Shoulder lugs gives you more control while cornering.
  • Rear tire features self-cleaning tread pattern.
  • 6-ply rating construction.
Cheng Shin Abuzz ATV tire



Rim Size:

CST Ablaze
CST Abuzz
CST Ambush
CST Ancla
CST Behemoth
CST C9313 / C9314
Cheng Shin Chevron C828
Cheng Shin Clincher ATV Tires
Cheng Shin Dimple Knobby C827 Radial ATV Tires
Dimple Knobby C827
Cheng Shin Dimple Knobby C829 ATV Tires
Dimple Knobby C829
Cheng Shin Dimple Knobby C864 ATV Tires
Dimple Knobby C864
Cheng Shin Dimple Knobby C865 ATV Tires
Dimple Knobby C865
Cheng Shin Dimple Knobby C867 ATV Tires
Dimple Knobby C867
CST CU47 Dingo ATV Tires
CU47 Dingo
Cheng Shin General Purpose C826 ATV Tires
General Purpose C826
Cheng Shin General Purpose C829 ATV Tires
General Purpose C829
Cheng Shin General Purpose C832 ATV Tires
General Purpose C832
Cheng Shin General Purpose C874 ATV Tires
General Purpose C874
Cheng Shin Lobo CH01
Lobo CH01
Cheng Shin Lobo CH68
Lobo CH68
Cheng Shin Lumber Jack C828G
Lumber Jack C828G
Cheng Shin Pulse HT ATV Tires
Pulse HT
Cheng Shin Pulse MX ATV Tires
Pulse MX
Cheng Shin Pulse CS03 ATV Tires
Pulse CS03
Cheng Shin Sandblast UTV Tires
Cheng Shin CU98 Sludgehammer ATV Tires
CU98 Sludgehammer
Cheng Shin Stag Radial ATV Tires
Stag Radial
Cheng Shin Wild Thang ATV Tires
Wild Thang
No matter which Cheng Shin/CST ATV tires you choose, you can be sure they are backed by our outstanding customer service and fast shipping. If you’re not sure which tires are right for your budget and machine, feel free to give us a call at 877-313-9866 and we’d be happy to offer our expert advice.


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