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BKT AT108 ATV Tires

BKT AT108 ATV Tire

Why you should buy the AT108

BKT AT108 is a great, low cost ATV tire that was designed to provide excellent traction on loose surfaces.

The tire features an all-terrain, chevron-style tread design that extends down the sidewall. It has increased puncture resistance and great wear due it being made from a natural rubber compound.

People love this tire for its great performance, while still keeping within a lower budget.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
94000562  22-10.00-9 (4Ply) $98.03
94000500  25-13.00-9 (6Ply) $127.94
94000210  22-11.00-10 (4Ply) $94.12
94000326  23-8.00-10 (4Ply) $73.53
94000371  24-11.00-10 (6Ply) $123.53
94000340  23-8.00-11 (6Ply) $68.18
94000418  24-9.00-11 (6Ply) $94.12
94000630  25-8.00-12 (6Ply) $88.24
94000616  25-10.00-12 (6Ply) $105.88


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    BKT AT108 ATV tires dale mclain
      arrived in good shape , the box the tires were in not so much ,might spring for a little heaver box in the future . more...

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