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AMS SideWinder ATV Tires

AMS SideWinder ATV Tires


The AMS SideWinder Rear ATV Sand Tire will exceed your expectations for an affordable paddle tire.

The eight offset V-blades that extend all the way from shoulder to shoulder will give you excellent flotation, while the 1-1/8" paddle height will give you enhanced stability and control on the toughest of dunes.

AMS SideWinder tires are suitable for front or rear placement, but they are specially designed to be placed on either the right or left side, so please take note of placement when ordering.

The 2-ply construction of the AMS SideWinder will provide you with a lightweight tire that still offers excellent puncture resistance. And this tire is constructed with an advanced rubber compound that allows AMS tires to run cooler and last longer.

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0322-0069  22-11.00-9 (6 Ply) $56.95


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