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AMS Black Widow ATV Tires

AMS Black Widow ATV Tire

Black Widow

AMS Black Widow ATV tires are excellent all-terrain tires with a little extra bite. The unique tread pattern featuring overlapping center line bar and deeper lugs provides the traction you need, while offering a smoother ride.

No matter what conditions you encounter, this aggressive tire, with its open tread pattern, offers excellent cleanout, predictable steering, and toughness that is hard to beat.

Both the front & rear tires are 6-ply rated, giving you extra puncture resistance and an overall long-lasting tire.

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SKU Name Price Qty Add
03200771  AMS ATV Tire - Blackwidow 25-8.00-12 (6Ply) $74.95
03200375  AMS ATV Tire - Blackwidow 25-8.00-12 Front (6Ply) $73.95
03200772  AMS ATV Tire - Blackwidow 25-10.00-12 Rear (6Ply) $94.95


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