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GBC Kanati Terra Master ATV Tires

GBC Kanati Terra Master ATV Tires

Kanati Terra Master

The first UTV tire that performs in all terrain, the Kanati Terra Master features a reversible design to offer performance in any terrain. Side A provides grip in soft-to-intermediate terrain while Side B crushes intermediate-to-hard terrain. All this bonus tire doesn't boost the weight, though. A lightweight, steel-belt construction optimizes this tire for forward traction.

Please note: Tires supplied may not have the model 'hot patch' graphic on the side of the tire. This is due to a change in production policy by GBC.

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SKU Size Price Qty Cart
AE122709TM  27-9R12 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $194.41
AE122711TM  27-11R12 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $229.30
AE142610TM  26-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $216.42
AE142709TM  27-9R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $210.81
AE142710TM  27-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $236.97
AE142711TM  27-11R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $233.00
AE142810TM  28-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $233.00
AE142910TM  29-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $228.07
AE143010TM  30-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $214.81
AE143110TM  31-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $252.73
AE143210TM  32-10R14 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $269.99
AE153010TM  30-10R15 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $286.29
AE153110TM  31-10R15 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $266.29
AE153210TM  32-10R15 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $361.23
AE153310TM  33-10.5R15 Front/Rear (10 Ply) $305.74


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