The Best Winter Camping Tips

Winter Camping by hawkwing3141 on FlickrIf you’re passionate about camping, then there is no reason to reserve this activity for spring and summer months only.  Winter camping is an exciting way to immerse yourself in the peace and splendor of the season. If you decide to plan your next camping adventure in the dead of winter, a backdrop you would only expect in Narnia awaits.

But you’d better go prepared.

A common mistake among campers is to re-use their summer equipment come winter. This will lead to a very cold, very unpleasant experience.

These winter camping tips will ensure that a winter wonderland doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Winter tent by Caleb R on FlickrFour Season Winter Tents & Sleeping Bags

The most important thing in your winter camping arsenal (aside from a positive attitude) is the right tent and sleeping bag. In the summer, campers tend to use a three person tent for it’s lightweight quality. During the winter, you need a tent that’s durable enough to withstand snow and heavy winds. A summer tent will collapse at the first sign of winter’s elements.

A four season tent is perfect for cold months. It’s designed with thicker walls, which creates better insulation, thus warm nights in your tent as the temperature drops. Four season tents also provide extra protection from the elements.

It’s also important to go with proper sleeping bags. The best winter sleeping bags will be:

  • A good fit for warmth and comfort.
  • Conveniently lightweight for easy transportation.

Appropriate Clothing

It’s not enough to have a four season tent and a well insulated sleeping bag. These are essential, yes, but third essential comes in the form of winter attire. What to wear is fairly basic: just remember that the goal is to stay dry and warm. So choose jackets, pants, winter boots and accessories (mittens, hats, socks, etc.) that are waterproof or dry quickly. And don’t forget to layer.

Note: I emphasized “winter boots” because these are better for winter camping than hiking boots.

Other Ways to Keep Warm

Aside from the above basics, don’t forget these other ways to keep warm this winter. You will need:

  • Ample wood for a fire
  • Backup clothing, in case yours gets wet or damaged
  • Hearty winter meals and hot drinks
  • A good thermos and an insulated pouch to keep food and drinks warm

So take your friends, family (and don’t forget the ATV!) out this winter for an amazing camping adventure.

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